1. Temps Perdu - This excellent site is devoted to Marcel Proust's novel À la recherche du temps perdu for an audience of both general readers and scholars. While the webmaster’s interest in Proust is broad these pages focus on the novel rather than on biography. Mark Calkins believes a genuine homage to Proust, to paraphrase Alain de Botton, means looking at our world through his eyes, rather than looking at his world through ours. This is a wonderful site filled with paintings and resources which enrich our understanding and enjoyment of Marcel Proust. Mark’s list of characters is about 10 times longer than those listed in this book. Mark's site also contains links to many other Proust sites:

2. Proust Ink -   Professor William C. Carter has recently added this website to his already impressive list of Proustian accomplishments including his great biography Marcel Proust. The website also offers an online course on Marcel Proust taught by professor Carter.

3. Proustian  Joel Rich has taught ongoing classes on In Search of Lost Time at the University of Chicago's Graham School of General Studies and Chicago's Newberry Library. His lectures on In Search of Lost Time at the Chicago Cultural Center are accessible at He created and maintains this website which is a whimsically idiosyncratic voyage through the world of Proust and filled with charming surprises and a wealth of Proustiana.

ILLUSTRATIONS: David Richardson is an extremely talented artist who has created a wonderful gallery of portraits of characters from Proust's novel - from the most exalted aristocrat to the humblest chambermaid or lift boy. These portraits can be see at Mr. Richardson's blog or on YouTube David Richardson and Patrick Alexander are also collaborating on an illustrated version of Proust's novel and some sample pages can be seen at

PROUST"S WOMEN: For a wonderful selection of female portraits from the Belle Epoch showing the beautiful dresses that the ladies of Saint Germain would have worn and accompanied by the wistful L'Heure exquise  by the composer Reynaldo Hahn - Proust's longtime friend and sometime lover  go to

THE DUCHESS' RED SHOES: The wonderful scene at the end of volume III, The Guermantes Way, in which the color of the Duchess' shoes prove of more importance than the death of their old friend Swann, is captured in this excerpt from the movie Swann In Love staring Jeremy Irons and Fanny Ardant:  (Press the pause in order to read the English sub-titles)

Selections From Proust: edited by L. James Hammond  This wonderful site contains hundreds of quotations from Proust arranged by themes. (A collection of quotes in French can be found at )

English Text On-Line: The University of Adelaide in Australia has uploaded the complete novel on-line at I find this very useful for finding specific sections of text within the novel.

French Text On-Line: (PDF versions of the complete French text in 15 volumes) Like the University of Adelaide site, this also has a 'Find' feature which allows you to track-down specific quotes and passages.

Monty Python All-England Summarize Proust Competition:  Say no more. Know what I mean? (You tube).

The World of Proust as seen by Paul Nadar. Edited by Anne-Marie Bernard and translated by Susan Wise

Proust Society of America (Reading & Discussion Groups)

Proust Site in Italian:  This is the most beautiful and fascinating of all the Proust sites on the internet but unfortunately is only written in Italian . Nevertheless, well worth a visit if only for the illustrations, some of which are included on this site (for example the drawing by Tommaso Maggio to the left).

Proust Site in German: even if you do not speak German, this site is well worth the visit. Dr. Reiner Speck is a well known collector of Proustiana and among the many other features that the site offers is an incredible collection of contemporary photographs and postcards from all the places that Proust visited. Dr. Speck, who is president of the 500-member Marcel Proust Gesellschaft, paid 11,250 euros for a lock of Proust’s hair at a Paris auction in December 2008.

Yahoo on-line discussion group : This is an endlessly irritating, fascinating, argumentative and very knowledgeable group of people from all over the world who simply like talking and arguing about the writings of Marcel Proust and sometimes getting distracted and pursuing something else altogether, just like Proust.

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